Ci (Central Intelegence)  

The Old Man - DCI

Anne Held - DCI's Secretary 
Typhon (Anti Terrotist Group)

Martin Lindros - DCCI 

Matthew Lerner  - DDCI (temp)

Jason Bourne  - Field Agent 

Soraya Moore - Field Agent

Tim Hytner - Field Agent


DUJJA (Terrorist Group

Abu Sarif Hamid ibn Ashef al-Wahib – Married English Woman father of


Fadi = Hiram Cevik

= Jacob Silver = Abu Gazi Nadir al-Jamuh = Tariq ibn Said

Karim al-Jamal - = Martin Lindros’ double 
Sarah – Sister (dead) 


Abbud Ibn Aziz

Muta Ibn Aziz = Lev Silver

Dr Costin Veintrop - Nuclear Scientist = Dr Southerland (Memory Specialist)

Dr Senaz – Nuclear Scientist


Bud Halliday – Secretary of Defense -  hates DCI  own’s Lerner

Detective Overton – DC Cop

Jon Mueller – NSA

Weller – DC Cop

Alex Conklin – old spy targeted Hamid

Marie – Borne’s dead wife

Kim Lovett – DC Arson Investigator

Deron, Tyrone, D J Tank – DC Home boys

Abdul Quedar Kahn – Pakastani  Nuclear Scientist

Omar – Pakastani waiter

Alem son of Ziam

 Lemontov – drug boss

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