The Corsican General is a fictional character appearing in the video game The Bourne Conspiracy. He is a secondary antagonist on the level Assassinate Wombosi.

Following the failed attempts to kill Jason in the Marseilles docks, Soloman decides to recruit the Corsican General and his men as backups on Wombosi's yacht, just in case Bourne managed to make it aboard. Soloman's men described the Corsican's as "madmen", and Soloman apparently agreed with them, but stated that they needed madmen. By the time Soloman thought he had killed Jason on a trawler the Corsican's were already aboard Wombosi's yacht. Soon enough it was discovered that Jason was very much alive when he began killing off the soldiers onboard.

The general decided to take matters into his own hands and engaged Jason in hand-to-hand combat, but he was no match for the spy, who quickly beat him to death. Jason then took the general's handgun and planned to use it to kill Wombosi to make it look like the assassination had been part of an in-house revolt.

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