Craig Jeffers is Robert Dewey's right-hand man and the tertiary antagonist in Jason Bourne. He is portrayed by Ato Essandot.

History Edit

In 2016, Jeffers assists Dewey as a CIA hacking orchestrated by a woman named Nicky Parsons happened. In retaliation, Dewey orders a manhunt for Parsons and ordered Bourne to be When CIA teams failed to apprehend and kill them, Dewey planted the Asset to assassinate them both. However a vehicular chase across Athens, Parsons was shot dead but Bourne escaped with the keys to a safe deposit box with CIA files and a hard drive Parsons threw at him before she was killed.

Jeffers is later present when Lee walked in and as explained her plan to Dewey: Contact Bourne under the belief that she could persuade him back into the CIA as an agent. Dewey seemingly accepts with glee and Lee leaves the room.

Jeffers is present during a presentation in which the Asset tries to assassinate a businessman.

While Bourne is confronting Dewey, Jeffers rushes in the room and attempts to rescue Dewey and knocks down Bourne but is shot dead by him.

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