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Desh Bouksani
Desh, with his USP Compact, on the hunt for Nicky.
Appearances The Bourne Ultimatum
Location Casablanca
Affiliations Operation: Blackbriar
Death Killed by Jason Bourne
Weapons Heckler & Kosh USP Compact

Desh Bouksani was a CIA "asset" based in Casablanca, Morocco. He was a member of the secret Black Briar program. He appears only in The Bourne Ultimatum film, where he is portrayed by Joey Ansah.

In the film, he is sent by Noah Vosen to Tangier to eliminate Neil Daniels. Jason Bourne, with the aid of Nicky Parsons, attempts to interfere and as such become his next targets since Nicky breaks CIA protocol. Sadly, Daniels is killed in the planned car bombing by Desh, also injuring Bourne in the process. Soon after that, Desh follows Parsons through the Morocco market with intention of killing her. However, Bourne is able to locate and engage him in hand-to-hand combat, ultimately suffocating him with a towel. Bourne uses Desh's cellphone to deliberately make Vosen think that he and Nicky have been killed. He is also referred to in the special edition dvd commentary as a young Bourne, and it is hinted that he has gone through the same training as Bourne.

The Bourne Ultimatum Jason VS Desh Fight Scene02:01

The Bourne Ultimatum Jason VS Desh Fight Scene


Desh uses a supressed H&K USP .45 compact as well as several home made I.E.D.s.

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