USN Admiral Ezra Kramer was the director of the Central Intelligence Agency in The Bourne Ultimatum.


Kramer is first seen in a meeting with Pamela Landy and her colleague Tom Cronin listening to the tape recorder that Jason Bourne left for Landy showcasing Ward Abbott's confession. Kramer surmises that Bourne may still be a threat, and therefore they should continue hunting him. Landy argues that if Bourne could hurt the agency then he would have already, to which Kramer responds that he still could.
007TBU Scott Glenn 001

Ezra Kramer discussing Bourne's intentions with Landy and Cronin.

Later in the film, it is revealed that Kramer is working closely with Noah Vosen and their contingency plan if the current operation goes sideways is to pin the entire ordeal on Landy and hang her out to dry. However, when Bourne lures Vosen and his squad out of their office he manages to steal all of Vosen's top-secret documents from his safe, which reveal classified secrets regarding Blackbriar and Treadstone. After he gives the files to Landy she faxes the most critical ones off to a colleague in Washington, which leads to the prosecution of not only Kramer, but Vosen and Dr. Albert Hirsch as well.


  • In a deleted scene from Bourne Ultimatum, Kramer is addressed during his trial as "Admiral Kramer".

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