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Appearances The Bourne Supremacy
Affiliations Operation Treadstone
"We're the last two."
―Jarda to Bourne[src]

Jarda was an assassin belonging to Operation Treadstone. Appearing in The Bourne Supremacy, he was portrayed by Marton Csokas. He was killed by Jason Bourne


The Bourne SupremacyEdit

In The film Jarda enters his home and secretly alerts the CIA Special Activities Division of Jason Bourne's whereabouts. He then enters his kitchen, opens his fridge and swivels around with a Beretta 92fs in hand and points it at Jason Bourne until he's notified that it's been emptied. Jason then restrains his hands and starts interrogating him about the current state of Treadstone. Jarda replies that the Operation was abandoned, the night he walked out and that Conklin was executed on the same night. Jarda then mockingly remarks "we're the last two". Bourne realizes that Jarda has sent for the CIA and asks for a escape route. Suddenly Jarda rises up from his chair, knocking Bourne off balance and making him drop his Sig P225 and grabs a carving knife in an attempt to get out of his restraints and kill Bourne. Bourne however rolls up a magazine and whacks Jarda in the face several times making Jarda lose the knife. Soon, they're both on the floor with Jarda trying to strangle Bourne with an electric power cord. Bourne however punches him twice in the face and starts to successfully garrote Jarda. Jason then sets up a surprise explosion for the backup team and leaves. The explosion then takes out the front of Jarda's house, injuring the gun tooting operatives in a shower of bricks and alerting the Polizei.
The Bourne Supremacy (4 9) Movie CLIP - Fighting Close & Dirty (2004) HD-003:27

The Bourne Supremacy (4 9) Movie CLIP - Fighting Close & Dirty (2004) HD-0

Bourne fights Jarda

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