Featured as a revelation of Jason Bourne's past time in Treadstone in The Bourne Betrayal (novel). Alexander Conklin orders Bourne to kill Hamid ibn Ashef, a powerful businessman from Middle East. With the help of Soraya Moore, CIA chief substation in Odessa, Ukraine, Bourne attempts to kill Hamid. He is failed, Hamid survives, and this is the only time Bourne fails on his assignment. However, Hamid becomes paralyzed, and CIA decides that he is not a threat again. During this mission, Hamid's daughter, Sarah ibn Ashef, is also killed, but not by Bourne; she is killed in the hands of Aziz's brothers after she commits adultery. This event becomes the major reason of Hamid's sons, Fadi and Karim Al-Jamil's grudge on Bourne in particular and United States of America in general. However, Bourne notices that he is not directly responsible for that reason; Bourne states that Hamid will shoot Karim by himself after Karim's decision of assuming Martin Lindros' identity, and Sarah's murder on the hands of Aziz's brothers.

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